NU3 is a product conceived in order to provide the fundamental nutrients needed for your metabolism to run its best, helping you to save time and money. In this way, without having to buy one product rich in fiber, another in chia and a third in protein, NU3 offers you ALL IN ONE.

In order to understand the importance of consuming NU3 daily, it is necessary to know that our body requires what are called macro and micro nutrients: both should be consumed daily in order to achieve the correct function of our organs, healthy skin, better digestion, healthy brain and heart, optimal metabolic function, better elimination of toxins and, additionally, for the formation and reparation of the muscles and increased levels of energy, among other benefits.

Benefits and importance of the macronutrients present in NU3

The macronutrients are divided into 3 groups: protein, carbohydrates (fibers) and fats (Omega 3, 6 and 9), all of the highest quality and present in NU3. They are vitally important for health, however, not all of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats are identical or equally healthy.

For their part, the micronutrients are divided primarily into 2 groups: vitamins and minerals, some of them present in NU3 like iron and calcium. In order to meet this need we suggest the consumption of fruits and vegetables, or in the form of a supplement (ex: a multivitamin).