Darío Ruiz founded NU3 in 2014 with the goal of creating a product that contains, in just one formula, essential nutrients to live a healthy life. With years of experience as an athlete and consumer of dietary supplements, he envisioned it was possible to create a product at an affordable price, more complete and of the best quality than anything that exists in the market.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, Dario grew up in a modest family. Since childhood, he had to find his own way because his parents did not welcome his passion for rugby, they considered it dangerous. At 18 years of age, he already joined the most important team in the city. And to play he had to generate his own resources working as a trainer in a gym. Serious knee and ankle injuries kept him away from sports for 16 years, a period in which he found other 'less healthy' ways of passing time. At 30 years of age, Dario, along with his friend and mentor, decided to open a branch in Miami (USA) of the advertising agency where he worked in his hometown.

At age 36 and living Chicago, he went through the most difficult but most rewarding experience of his life, which would transform him forever. After years of addictions and bad choices, Dario decided that he had had enough, that was not the life he wanted to live. It was time to change and all he had to do was make a decision. He threw away all of the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes he had at home and embraced a resolution that would change his life, 'replacing the bad habits for good habits': that is the secret. From that moment everything was exceptionally better.

A friend introduced him to racquetball, and another to tennis. There he found a passion, becoming a skilled player and captain of the team in Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Today, at age 44, he is a professional fitness trainer, owner of a gym in Pasadena called Crossfit Pendulum, www.crossfitpendulum.com, a Crossfit competitor in the Master Division, and his passion is helping people. He knows, better than anyone, how difficult it is to change, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE!

This is the story of Darío Ruiz. But all face challenges in life, and from NU3 we invite you to take, TODAY, the decision to CHANGE.

The first step is nutrition. So, we suggest that you take NU3 once or twice a day. In NU3 you will find a product that contains all the nutrients our body needs to start the day full of energy!

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