Lose Weight

Lose weight, reduce a few pounds, drop weight, burn fat... all of these phrases have something in common: we find it very difficult. Very few people have the ability to eat and not gain weight. To those people we call 'aliens' or 'beings from another planet'. Jokes aside, the reality is that for most of us it is difficult to 'lose weight'.

Products in the market that promise 'miracles' with little to no effort abound. We have all fallen victim at some point in our effort to lose excess weight quickly.

Unfortunately there is no magic formula. Losing weight requires us to put forth effort on our part. Therefore, we will support you in the process by explaining why NU3 is an excellent 'supplement' to help you achieve your goals.

There are THREE main factors that influence the loss or gain of body weight: feeding, digestion and movement.


Out of 100% of the calories we consume in a day, your body uses 70% for the maintaining body temperature and organ function; 10% in the digestive process, and the remaining 20% for activities related to movement (walking, running, crouching, bathing, etc.).

Of all of these, the largest and most important is food. The obligations of this modern life lead society to seek solutions in fast food. There's nothing wrong with that, except that many of these foods lack essential nutrients that our bodies need, especially processed foods. And this is one of the biggest challenges when losing weight: to ELIMINATE or REDUCE meals based on flours and sugars.

Believe me, not only will it reduce weight but energy levels will increase and, with it, your mood. Hence, the importance of adding daily supplements to your diet like NU3, that will provide you with vital nutrients such as protein and fiber.

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Another important factor is DIGESTION, any food that enters our body is absorbed or eliminated by the body.

It absorbs what it needs and eliminates what it does not. We already spoke of the problem of today's food: few nutrients. This means that most of our food should be eliminated. This is where fibers play a key role, because if we do not provide our body with the 'tools' (fibers) to eliminate this 'junk' (food without nutrients), our body gets sick. Imagine living in a house where you never take out the trash... no need to explain more, right?

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Finally, another great problem of modern society: we hardly walk, because we overuse our cars. Many young people prefer videogames to playing ball in the park. We spend many hours sitting at work and when we come home, we sit to eat, and then we return sitting to watch television.

It's a vicious cycle in which the only way to out is to make the decision: 'today I am going to be better than yesterday', 'I am going to be an example for my children', 'my past is not the same as my future', etc. This is the part where most people encounter problems or consider it to be very difficult. The reality is that it is as easy as tying the shoelaces on our shoes. HOW? Yes, I mean that exercise, like tying your shoes, is a ROUTINE.

Like every beginning, don't expect it to be simple, but with the passing of time it will be easier and will eventually reach a point where if you do not do exercise (walking, running, jumping, swimming, etc), you will feel like something is missing.

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