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Do it for yourself and not to seek anyone's approval.

To be successful it is important to trust yourself. Believe that we can do it, we deserve it, and we will acheive it!

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.

My body. My temple. With good health we can enjoy more of this beautiful life, family and friends. Imagine that you have a 365 page blank book in your hands, and it's you who writes your own story!

No matter where you are, NOW is the time to start.

How many times have you heard, ' do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.' Well, when it comes to our health this is the most important. Start by walking around the block, eliminate soda and alcohol, reduce the amount of bread or tortillas, etc. No matter where you are today, what's important is to take little steps today, tomorrow and the day after... You can!

Do not skip meals

When you skip a meal you metabolism slows and stops burning calories as it should. Our body is designed to survive. When we do not eat enough because we think that cutting calories is the way to lose weight, our body believes that it is hungry and thinks: 'it's best to store this fat in order to have energy in the future'. Then, the body becomes more efficient at storing fat, exactly the opposite of what we want.

Prepare meals

This advice is one of the most important. When we prepare our food for the next two or three days, two good things happen:
1) We don't eat the first thing that crosses our path, generally not very nutritious.
2) If we prepare our own food, we know the quality that we are using. Conversely, when we eat in restaurants or fast food, we can hardly know the quality of the ingredients. .

Record what you eat

Taking note of everything that passes through our mouth is an invaluable tool. It helps us to see reality as it is, allowing us to make an assessment of our good and bad habits. This is one of the best ways to make positive changes. Always have a pencil and paper on hand, or make use of your cell phone: today there are many apps where you can record what you eat and they will tell you the calories, proteins, fats, etc.

Add more vegetables and fruits

In the NU3 formula we found a great ally for improving nutrition, but we should not settle for this: it is important to incorporate vegetables in our main meals. Fruits provide many nutrients, but be careful with the amount and times that you consume them because most fruits contain a high percentage of sugar. And, as we know, the excess sugar is converted to fat.

The miracle of being consistent

Being healthy is not a result of starving for a week or running a marathon in a day. The secret to success is to be consistent. Consistency is the small steps that we take EVERYDAY. Maybe someday we can afford to eat certain foods or spend the afternoon watching television on the sofa. That is not bad. The important thing is that these actions don't become a habit. Repeat often those things that lead to a healthier life.

There are no shortcuts

On the way to a healthier life we will find obstacles. There are no magic products that make us lose weight without doing anything on our part. But there are products like NU3 that add nutrients to your diet that our body needs: Fiber, Protein, Omega 3, 6 and 9, Iron and Calcium.

Add NU3 to a healthy diet, everyday, move your body doing something that is fun and get ready to live a healthy life with more energy.